Founded & Managed by Danielle Putnam

M.A. Psychology

My practice was founded on the idea that therapy should be a comfortable and rewarding experience. My mission is to break down the stigma associated with therapy and give you a reason to tell others about my practice. My services/products were designed after years of research and experience so you can be assured that I only practice what works.

Education and experience

I received a B.A. in Psychology from Texas Tech University in 2003 and a M.A. in Psychology from Pepperdine University in 2005.  In addition I have been working on a PhD. in Psychology from Saybrook University.  I worked as a rape crisis counselor in Lubbock, Tx. while attending Texas Tech as well as a counselor.  I have been operating my private practice for 8 years and specialize in anxiety, depression, stress management, and self-confidence issues.

About my practice

I am from a small town in Colorado and believe that trust is essential in a working relationship.  I feel that developing a relationship takes time and I am committed to making your therapeutic experience as positive as possible. Although, there are moments when therapy can be uncomfortable and emotional distress will occur I will always attempt to limit the discomfort during the healing process. If you want a therapist that values your trust, and emotional well-being. Please contact my office or view the services/products page for more information on how my office might help you.

My practice uses theraputic techniques which are modified according to each client’s individual goals. The idea behind this system is to break down unhealthy belief systems which cause emotional distress. These unhealthy thoughts and behaviors are replaced with healthy changes to create emotional balance. Clients heal with greater ease and claim they are more satisfied with the therapeutic process.

A variety of counseling services are offered including in-office professional counseling, online counseling, as well as services designed to address situational stress and general well-being. Visit the services/products pages for more information.

My goal is to achieve a high level of trust with you.  I take confidentiality seriously and do not disclose personal information unless it is required by state law. I am obligated to report any child abuse, threats to do harm to another individual or self, and infectious disease which could cause harm to others. For a complete guide regarding confidentiality please contact the office.

Please be aware that with any counseling service there is a certain level of distress and you are advised to bring any emotional disturbances to your therapists attention immediately.  Some examples of emotional disturbances include but not are not limited to feelings of depression, anxiety, sleep disturbances, and aggressive or depressive thoughts.

It is my mission to protect your welfare and the welfare of others.  I advise you to alert your therapist if at any time they feel the sessions are too intense or the treatment is not beneficial.  This will help the therapist to adjust the treatment and insure that you receive the best care possible.

Danielle Putnam

M.A. Psychology