($35.95 per email response)


E-therapy: Is a confidential cost effective service. This service provides professional guidance with no in-office visits or the high cost of traditional therapy (this service is NOT to be used in place of traditional therapy if you are suffering from a serious mental disorder).

Please select from the e-therapy options below to purchase.  Be advised you must first make an appointment for online or phone services prior to purchasing a session.



Email Therapy: (To purchase a session click on terms and conditions below.  Once you agree to terms and conditions you will be sent to payment page to purchase session).  Sessions can be one time consultations or ongoing, depending upon your needs. You pay as you go, so you only agree to pay for one session at a time. E-therapy consist of one email from you sent to a professional counselor and one response which includes a detailed plan offering guidance and advice to help you move forward.

Email Therapy Session Fees. E-therapy clients can pay with credit cards accepted online through PayPal, which offers secure credit card transactions. Email Therapy Session: $35.95 (per email and response)

Instructions for use of Email Therapy:

You must first agree to therapy terms and conditions before being allowed to purchase. Once you purchase your email session you will write and send your email  (please provide as much detail as possible to ensure you receive the maximum benefits of this service). Follow the prompts to finalize your request. An answer to your email will be sent to the email address you provide.  It will contain a detailed assessment, suggested solutions, and additional recommendations.

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Therapy Exercises


All Sales on Therapy Exercises are Final. No Refunds.

Mirror Exercises($29.95)

This is a confidence boosting exercise.  It uses simple techniques to change thought patterns in the brain and helps to promote higher self-esteem and a better self-image.  When done everyday this exercise will increase positive thinking and create a change in both how you view yourself and the world around you.

Joy Jar- ($19.95)

This is a positive thinking exercise.  It uses simple techniques to increase the level of positive emotions (happiness) you feel throughout the day.  By creating more happy emotions you are able to prevent the negative emotions (depression, anger, anxiety) from taking hold.  This exercise will help you find more enjoyment in your daily life and in the lives of those around you.


Online Counseling 

($120.00 each 50 minute session)

Online Counseling:  Individual sessions are conducted using online resources (i.e. skype, facetime for iphone, etc).  Sessions are by appointment only.  Each session is 50 minutes.  Client consent forms must be filled out prior to session.  (Payment is due prior to booking an appointment time).


Phone Coaching

($100.00 each 50 minute session)

Phone Coaching:  Individual coaching sessions are done by phone.  Each session is 50 minutes and by appointment only.  (payment is due prior to booking appointment time).  Phone Coaching is not intended for serious emotional/mental disturbances.